Thursday, 17 November 2016

RUSTOM-2 Drone

One More Step Towards ‘Make In India’, Rustom-2 is DRDO's indigenous combat drone.

After  a  considerable  delay,  Rustom­2, India's  long  endurance  Unmanned  Combat  Air  Vehicle (UCAV)  finally  completed  its  first  flight  early  on  Tuesday  in  Challakere,  about  200km  from Bengaluru.

The UCAV, which is in the medium­altitude, long endurance (MALE) category of vehicles, sources in the Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) which developed the vehicle, said "met all the expectations" during the first flight.

First  scheduled  in  late  2013,  the  three­year  delay  of  the  first  flight  had  only  added  to  the timeline,  which is  punctuated  by  other  delays  during  development­  even  as the  Indian  armed
forces are increasingly looking outside the country for combat drones with deals already struck with Israeli firms.

Rustom­2, the developers, however, claim will be an aircraft unlike any other UAV in the ranks of our forces. It has a wingspan of more than 20m and an endurance of 24­30 hours.

Equipped  with  contemporary  technology,  it  will  need  a  runway  to  takeoff  and  land  unlike traditional UAVs, which makes it more trustworthy. Compared to Rustom­I, the advanced version
will have enhanced aerodynamic configuration, digital flight control and navigation system.

"Besides, it will also have automatic takeoff and landing  capabilities, this version of Rustom is comparable to some of the best in the world," sources in ADE said.
While the ADE hopes to bag orders from all the three wings of the armed forces— army, navy and the air force— its ability to stick to deadlines and also give a good quality platform will be key.  The  Indian  army,  which  had  inducted  DRDO's  earlier  UAV  Nishanth,  had  to  face  several crashes and is contemplating junking it with no fresh induction planned.

Let's see  How Rustom-2 is different from its initial version Rustom-1.

12 Hrs  Endurance
24 Hrs Endurance
Both Develop for MALE UAV

Extra Features in Rustom-2 includes ATOL, 
T-Tail, Better Flexibility
Designed  for
Army Corp Operation
Army Command Operation


Sunday, 24 July 2016

This Why Your Laptop Charger Has A Small Cylinder

Even if you are not computer savvy, you must have all used computers at least once in our life time or have seen people using laptops at office or coffee shops. The tiny parts that are assembled in that small case, that makes a truly portable computer, may fascinate you. However, you need to charge the laptop using the charging cable that came with it, to keep in alive.
In 1971, personal computers came into existence that people could afford to buy. Once PCs became popular, the thought of building portable computers struck people. The first well-known and most usually used modern laptop was IBM N40 laptop in 1994. With the arrival of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, laptops became a craze and since then, people have used laptop.
You must have seen small cylinder at the end of the charging cable, and yet, you would have not thought of it as something serious. However, it plays a major role in keeping your laptop working.
Your laptop is made up of several moving parts like hard disk drive and CD drive that generates vibrations as they move and complete their work. The laptop comes with a battery that needs to be charged so that you can use it during power failure or when there is no power supply. The charging cable has a cylinder called ferrite bead near the end of it and it is one of the most fascinating part of the computer.
The moving part of the laptop vibrates and produces radio frequencies. These radio frequencies can obstruct with things like Wi-Fi router of your home, the dish connection and other things. Though the laptop case reduces those vibrations and prevent them from causing any interference, but the charging cord, being unprotected, may help in spreading those vibrations.
The charging cable acts as antennae and airs the vibration as radio frequencies picks up other frequencies and cause interference both in nearby equipment and in laptop.
Your Wi-Fi acts violently if these signals compete at the same frequency at which your Wi-Fi works. This is where, the cylinder plays a role on the charging cable. The cylinder has Ferrite, which is an alloy of Iron oxide or rust.
This ferrite bead kills signals that the charging cable airs or catches. It is a simple and cheap way of keeping your laptop from interfering with other electronic devices in your home.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Tricks for remembering GK question.

It is very difficult to remember few things. Here is some tricks for you to remember GK question. I hope you like it.

1. राज्यसभा सदस्य जो प्रधानमंत्री बने:-

(1) इ- इंदिरा गांधी
(2) च- एच. डी. देवगोड़ा…
(3) गा- इंद्र कुमार गुजराल
(4) र्ड- डा. मनमोहन सिंह

2. भारत की स्थल सीमा पर पडोसी देश

Trick: – “बचपन में MBA किया”

 — बगलादेश— ( 4096 KM)

—चीन—- (3917 KM)

प—पाकिस्तन—(3310 KM)

— नेपाल —- (1752 KM)

में — ( SILENT)

M – म्यामार— (1458 KM)

B–– भूटान — (587 KM)

A — अफगानिस्तान – (80 KM)

किया (SILENT)

3. उन देशो को आसानी से याद कर सकते है जिनकी मुद्रा रूपया है ….

TRICK :- मामा श्री ने भाई से पाकिस्तान (मांगा)

मा :- मालदिप…
मा :- माँरीसस
श्री :- श्री लंका
ने :- नेपाल
भा :- भारत
 :- इण्डोनेशीया
से :- सेसेल्स
पाकिस्तान :- पाकिस्तान

4. चिनी यात्री के भारत आने का क्रम

Trick : चिनी यात्री को “फा सी हु ई”
फा– फाहीयान(399 ई॰)
सी– संयुगन (518 ई॰)
हु -हयेन्सांग (630ई॰)
ई- ईत्सिग (7वी सदी के अंत मे)

5. जैन धर्म के अनुयायी-:
Trick:-“KAACU” काकू
K= कलिंग नरेश खारवेल
A= अजातशत्रु
A= अमोघवर्ष …
C= चंद्रगुप्त मौर्य
U= उदयिन


We—Wealth tax
Pro—Property tax
Co—-Corporate tax
In—–Income tax


Trick:— “Excuse me”

Ex——Excise tax
Cu——-Custom tax
Se——-Service tax

7. संयुक्त राष्ट्र संघ कि भाषा कौन कौन है?

TRICK:- SR FACE (शाहरुख का फेस)
S – स्पेनीस
R – रसीयन…
F – फ्रेच
A – अरबी
C – चिनी
E – English

8. विधान परिषद वाले राज्य
TRICK :-जम्मु मे आम बिकाऊ है

जम्मू = 1-जम्मू कश्मीर
आम = 2:आँध्रप्रदेश + 3:महाराष्ट्र …
बिकाऊ = 4:बिहार + 5:कर्नाटक + 6:उत्तर प्रदेश

9. दो बार नोबल पुरस्कार प्राप्त करने वाले व्यक्ति
Trick —“मैडम और जॉन फ्रेंड ली है”
मैडम—-मैडम क्यूरी
जॉन—–जॉन बारडिन
फ्रेंड——फ्रेडरिक सेंगर
ली——-लीनस पोलिंग

10 विटामिन ABCDEK के रासायनिक नाम

Trick– रथ एक टाफी
विटामिन A – र –रेटिनालविटामिन
विटामिन – थ –थायमीनविटामिन
विटामिन C– ए –एस्कार्बिक अम्लविटामिन
विटामिन D – क –कैल्सीफ़ेरोलविटामिन
विटामिन E – टा –टोकोफ़ेरालविटामिन
विटामिन K – फी –फ़िलिक्वोनोन

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Watch Video

Watch Awesome Video!

Nissan Lannia concept unveiled at Beijing

Nissan Lannia concept unveiled at Beijing


Nissan Lannia world premieres at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show. The concept car is designed by Nissan Design China and the Nissan Global Design

Nissan Lannia debuts at Beijing

Nissan has revealed its Lannia at the ongoing Beijing Motor Show. The Japanese carmaker states that its concept sedan aims at the post-80s trendsetters. The new car is a follow-up to Nissan’s Friend-Me show car that was revealed last year.

The exterior features Nissan elements such as its V-motion grille, boomerang headlights, a distinctive kick-up pillar, a floating roof, angular LED taillights and a subtle diffuser integrated into the rear bumper. According to Taiji Toyota, Head, Nissan Design, China, the Lannia Concept exudes 'daqi' — a Chinese word roughly meaning exuberance.

Nissan hasn’t revealed the details of the interior of the car, but the carmaker has explained that the Lannia is designed for the Chinese digital lifestyle, which follows the Friend-ME concept that was aimed at what the Japanese automaker calls as the Post-80s generation.

Andy Palmer, Chief Planning Officer, Nissan, says, “Lannia Concept joins our growing family of China-focused models. It is designed by Chinese, built by Chinese for the Chinese people, and ultimately, for the world.” The car also has a Chinese name –Lan Niao Yin Xiang.

Nissan has not revealed the interior of the concept nor did the automaker divulge any details regarding the equipment, technology or the powertrain.